“Center of Human Development” Biouniversal® Neocismo A.C.

Non-profit organization NPO in Mexico

Centro de Desarrollo humano Neocismo A.C.

Nonprofit organization, whose purpose is to pursue personal and social welfare.

Our institution maintains itself with contributions of its members, and we aim at obtaining grants and donations derived from people, enterprises, institutions and organizations of all kinds willing to participate by contributing to this cause, to continue offering and expanding our services.

Our Mission

Is to help all people with low-income that want to finish different education levels; to offer courses in different areas aimed towards self employment, to offer courses  and workshops of personal growth and human development and offer alternative therapies that regenerate physical, mental and spiritual illnesses and sufferings.

Our Vision

Is to expand this new knowledge, for man to evolve and constitute all the qualities and aptitudes of Human Beings and become Humanity.


All the Human qualities, aptitudes and values.  

The day that man becomes Human we shall be Humanity

Center of Human Development




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